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Brahm Memone

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I serve those that seek to create extraordinary outcomes, to stand up and stand out, to raise their standards and be fully engaged in life; to be recognized as Invaluable in their work, business, relationships and their community; to lead, serve and generate value. They are masters of their lives. They are part of my inner circle.
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Our conversations determine our reality Brahm Memone High Impact Leadership

I created High Impact Mastery from a deeply held awareness that creative expression, authenticity, autonomy and profound relatedness not only sparks personal mastery and success strategies but also generate innate development, integrity and well-being. This can create a spring board for leadership and greatness in every individual; a spring board to live a life for the greater good strengthening the possibility for cooperation and collaboration and heightened awareness. Brahm Memone The Invaluable Life Awareness Project Show

I have worked in remote parts of Kenya protecting the water resources, where I was born, became a chartered accountant both in England and then in Canada, and have consulted with numerous corporate organizations. By no means has my career been smooth. In the midst of my career in the most respected accounting profession I hit a mid-life crises, the legendary wall and crashed into the abyss. Brahm Memone The Invaluable Life Awareness Project Show

That was a long time ago. The process of getting out of the deep hole were tough, but I realized that being authentic, autonomous yet interdependent, pursuit of mastery, profound relatedness and connection were extremely important and were the key drivers to a successful life and not the other way round. In effect from the inside out. Instead of acquiring, wanting and having and pursuing whatever, life was absolutely about contribution, being the gift of my talents and giving and being the difference that made the difference. In short being invauable before striving to be successful.

That is when I made a decision to follow my passion for training and coaching people from all walks of life in search of higher levels of understanding as to why despite the current information and knowledge the planet is rapidly under severe degradation. The anthropogenic planetary degradation, rapid specie extinction and climate change are intimately connected with the convergence of collective individual habits, behaviours and attitudes that are introjected by socioeconomic constructs. This thwarts innovation, self expression and mastery that create extraordinary outcomes individually and socially.

The four tenets of High Impact Mastery:
1. First step to success is to build resiliency to withstand, recover from and reorganize in response to crises.
2. Awareness is the master key to an extraordinary quality of life and the common future. That individual happiness and the greater good are synonymous and aligned.
3. Your life is a creative project that leads to self-mastery.
4. Simplifying everything in life creates attention, focus and clarity that enables expansion of awareness, acievement and phenomenal success.

Having consulted and worked for major corporations, I have gained a unique perspective on the many different facets of life's challenges and how to overcome them. For me The High Impact Mastery continues to empower me to be more effective and authentic everyday and live a simple life away from the noise of unnecessary complexities.

I am a firm proponent of the following: Moving away from the unworkable broken industrial age status-quo system into the next chapter of knowledge and wisdom, our work and life demands that we must reflect with much deeper considerations on the impact of our activities. It requires an understanding of how our nervous system is wired, why we do what we do and how best we can lead, serve and generate value using innovative thinking, tolerance, personal discipline, transcending adversity and bridging diversity, as well as the awareness required to create extraordinary levels of interpersonal skills and influence.

High Impact Mastery teaches unique core concepts of awareness, the foundation of phenomenal success and wellbeing, enabling you to move into the next chapter of humanity with greater ease.

The underlying foundation behind all that is realizing that we have been programmed quite inadvertently by the system into a conditioned awareness that restricts our creative expression, and is behind much of our adult dysfunctions. Awareness is the road less travelled, and cracks the spell to freedom. It is the master key to an extraordinary quality of life and the common future. It is the road to success.


Success is not the often repeated theme of sex, money and power. Success is inherent in all of us. The wisdom to know the interdependence and interrelatedness of all elements of existence. That we all have a symbiotic relationship. We build this wisdom on the foundation of empathy and compassion. In turn this causes the expansion of awareness. And that is the greatest source of success we can ever achieve. ~ Coach Brahm Memone

My Lessons

Success Awareness

This is what I have learnt and still learning. I care about authenticity and the simple life. I think authenticity and simplicity are two sides of a coin. It begins to eliminate a lot of dysfunction. Even though the rules are intelligible the lessons and the work that goes into it are hard. One has to deeply commit to a road less travelled. Brahm Memone The Invaluable Life Awareness Project Show

I have made awful mistakes and failed many times on this road less travelled, but reframed them as learning experiences. Most importantly of all I believe from the bottom of my heart that we must allow others to develop themselves, especially children for they are very easy to dismiss, when they are in our space rather than projecting on them our points of view. I guess I am beginning to see why it is a road less travelled. Following the crowd is easier, but we lose ourselves along the way.

I have discovered that when we are at peace, people around us find themselves to be at peace. Short term instant gratification isn’t real life time happiness, but no one is a hundred percent functional. We all have dysfunctions we need to work on to make the world a better place.

I have discovered that when we have freedom of choice. When we are following a path of mastery and greatness, people around us feel the same. When we serve and love people we are loved back. And that has been the greatest gift in my life - awareness is the master key to an extraordinary quality of life, deep-felt wellbeing and the common future. That individual happiness and the greater good are synonymous and aligned. I emphasize that the common future can be an awesome one, but we must learn the hard lessons first with deliberate practice at every opportunity, rather than let the self-centredness get in the way.

The highest impact one can make is to lead by example. The only way to serve is by being the difference that makes the difference. And finally to have the wisdom to understand deeply that all human activity has an impact on every element of existence. We must therefore be at cause to move humanity away from value extraction to value generation.

Lead. Serve. Value.